Menorah Candles Meaning?

Happy Hanukkah! The Jewish celebration starts this evening at sundown and continues through December 19.

I have a question about the Menorah. How do you use a menorah and how many candles does it have?
What is the meaning of the menorah candles?
Who was the first person who started the Menorah tradition with the candles?

asked by Landon in Holidays | 7536 views | 12-11-2009 at 11:41 PM

The basic elements of a kosher menorah are eight holders for oil or candles and an additional holder, set apart from the rest, for the shamash ("attendant") candle.

The Hanukkah lights can either be candle flames or oil-fueled. Since the miracle of Hanukkah happened with olive oil the little cruse of oil that lasted for eight days an oil menorah is preferable to a candle one, and olive oil is the ideal fuel. Cotton wicks are preferred because of the smooth flame they produce.

The meaning of the Menorah? Thousands and thousands of years ago, the holy temple was burned down by the romans then rebuilt by the jews, but they only had one drop of oil left. they thought it wouldn't last long but it actually lasted for eight days.

answered by Justin | 12-11-2009 at 11:43 PM

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