Mary Phagan Photos?

Mary Phagan worked in a pencil factory in Atlanta, Georgia in 1913. She was found murdered in the basement of the factory at around 3 a.m., on April 27th, the middle of the night after "Confederate Memorial Day." She was 12 years old. After many suspects were investigated, the blame seemed to point to the supervisor of the pencil factory, Leo Frank. Mary had gone to see him at the factory that day to pick up wages due her.
Leo Frank's trial was sensational and controversial. He was convicted and sentenced to hang. I saw the photos, quite impresive.
Mary Phagan has been memorialized in song, a movie and a musical.

I want to see photos of Mary Phagan, I hope there are any because it was such a long time ago. Are they any photos of her?

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Photo of Mary Phagan.

This is a photo of the factory where Mary Phagan was murdered.

Here's a picture of Maty Phagan's grave.

Photo of Leo Frank after Marietta finest families broke into jail and lynched him.

This incident lead to the creation of ADL in 1913. Today the Jewish community hails Leo Franks as a innocent martyr, a victim of anti-Semitism.

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If you want to read the leo frank murder trial testimony, visit

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