Anne Curtis Swimsuit Malfunction In Asap XP Photo and Video?

Anne Curtis' swimsuit malfunction has really upset the Filipino/Australian actress and TV personality. During a performance in Asap XV Boracay, her swimsuit top slid down and exposed her right breast.

Anne Curtis says the swimsuit picture taken in Boracay is an unfortunate scandal and hurtful.
Anne Curtis said, "It really was an accident that happened." and "It is a bit upsetting that it had to come to this."

I would like to judge for myself how upsetting was that by looking at the photos and video.
She says the pictures of the swimsuit malfunction are all over the web but so far I could not find a single photo of Anne Curtis malfunction.

Any links to the photos or the video?

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Anne Curtis was wearing a string bikini with a halter strap and was dancing on stage for the summer special episode of ABS-CBN's musical variety show ASAP XV in Boracay. As the right part of her bikini top dropped, fans with cell phones and video cameras kept filming and naturally, all the footage very quickly hit the web.

Curtis’ manager Veronique del Rosario-Corpus is pleading with the public to refrain from reposting photos and videos of the incident all across the internet. As Curtis’ swimsuit top began to slip during her appearance, fellow performer Sam Milby quickly came to her aid, grasping her from behind to cover her up.

The production people of the Sunday musical variety show immediately pleaded to the audience to erase the videos and pictures of the incident. Though most heeded the appeal, there were those who apparently did not.

Video of Anne Curtis Swimsuit Malfunction in the news.

Curtis said that people taking pics on their camera phones, uploading and spreading the photo made her sad. Curtis ended up going backstage and started crying.

Although anyone can experience a wardrobe mishap at any time, it is more common to people in the entertainment industry. Artists who undergo quick costume changes and wear provocative outfits in their performances are usually more prone to revealing more than what is intended.

While conceding that “this is not something to be proud of,” Curtis said the only thing that she can do now is to “move on” and hope that ‘”it will pass already.”

I could not find the photos either.

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