How Did JR Martinez Burn His Face?

I've seen JR Martinez face and noticed he has scars all over them. How did he burn his face?
I didn't know about him until this season of Dancing with the Stars started and I saw him there. I was shocked when I saw his face. How was JR Martinez burned?
Are there photos of him before the accident and the burns? He seems like a cool down to earth guy and I hope he wins this year. I heard he is a good TV actor, is JR Martinez acting right now in any show?

asked by Avery in Television | 12665 views | 09-28-2011 at 07:27 PM

JR Martinez burned his face when he was a soldier in the US military. He had a terrible accident while he was on duty.
Apparently he was driving his Humvee around Iraq when he bumped into a land mine and a big explosion set the car on fire.
The other guys in the vehicle were were thrown away by the explosion but JR Martinez got stuck below of the vehicle in the middle of the flames.
JR Martinez was eventually rescued but his skin got serious burns and he was treated a long time for them. I like how he looks now, his scars are a sign of how brave and how much of a survivor he is.

Here's a picture before and after his face got burned.

JR Martinez face burns old photo

answered by Owen | 09-28-2011 at 07:29 PM

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