What Did Larry Johnson Say On Twitter?

Larry Johnson talked about his father being a coach and his coach. But ESPN is reporting that he said something defamatory against the LGBT community and they ask the NFL to take action against him. Anyone know what he said on Twitter?
Did larry johnson really get banned from the chiefs for saying whatever he said?

asked by Oros in Football | 3675 views | 10-28-2009 at 01:01 AM

He was talking about his coach on twitter.

Here is some of what he said:
One tweet read: "My father got more creditentials than most of these pro coaches." That was followed by: "My father played for the coach from "rememeber the titans". Our coach played golf. My father played for redskins briefley. Our coach. Nuthn."

Larry Johnson doesn't have any qualities that make him a decent human being. He has said before he won't play for a white coach and now has changed that to say unless you are a former football player you can't coach him.

Yes he got banned. He should also be banned for throwing the team that pays his salary under the bus. If he worked a real job he'd be outright fired.

Twitter is really a problem for these dumb players that need to share everything with the world. Most are obviously not capable of handling a personal media outlet.

answered by Edward | 10-28-2009 at 01:06 AM

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