Berns Triplets Before And After?

The 21 year old Berns triplets were badly burned in a home fire at only 17 months old. Until recently, there were no treatments to successfully minimize their scarring. They visit the set of "The Doctors" today to discuss how the UltraPulse fractional laser treatment helped them find relief.
Can I see pictures of the Berns Triplets before and after?

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In 1988, Jordan, Chandra and Trae Berns, 17-month-old triplets, were asleep at their home in Texas. In the middle of the night, their home was set fire by arson. In one devastating evening, their home was destroyed and their mother was killed. The triplets were left with severe burns on their face, chest, arms, back and legs.
Before and after pictures:

answered by Jackson | 11-06-2009 at 09:17 PM

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