Berlin Heart Device?

Doctors say there is a new device from Germany that can keep children alive for months until a donor heart becomes available.
The device is called Berlin Heart. My nephew suffers from serious heart problems and we are all scared he may need another heart so I was researching about the berlin heart.
How does a berlin heart works exactly?

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The small machine is called the "Berlin heart" and it was recently used to keep a 2-year-old boy alive after a virus attacked his heart.

The device is much smaller than the more well-known implantable artificial heart.

The Berlin Heart EXCOR Pediatric VAD, which comes in graduated sizes to fit a pediatric population from newborns to teens, is the only pediatric heart pump that provides medium-to-long-term mechanical circulatory support for infants and children awaiting heart transplantations. The device has been approved in Germany and Europe since 1992, but does not have FDA approval for use in the U. S.

Berlin Heart develops, produces and trades innovative devices for the mechanical support of the heart. The ventricular assist device EXCOR® Pediatric was developed specifically for the use for children, toddlers and even babies. This is possible due to the variety of blood pumps (10 – 60 ml volume) and the wide range of cannulas.

The parents of the small boy who used the device in Pittsburg said they saw a remarkable improvement in his health after the device was attached to their son, who is 2.

He has since had a heart transplant and is recovering.

Doctors say they expect the Berlin heart to be used more often in the U.S. in the future.

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