Medical Makeup For Scars?

My wife has our second baby and she has some big scars on the skin over her stomach. She wants to get rid of them because she love to use short tops, something she did normally before having the baby. What can she do about it, I know it's difficult to erase these kind of scars but a friend suggested a method called "Medical Makeup For Scars." What is it about?

asked by Sandra in Men's Health | 6633 views | 10-09-2009 at 11:25 PM

Also known as Medical Micropigmentation is the camouflaging of skin disorders, discolorations and injuries caused from medical surgeries or accidental injuries as well as aging. This service is well received and supported by Medical doctor’s, plastic surgeons, many eye doctor’s and dermatologists. The people that benefit from paramedical procedures are endless such as the following:

Many people are scarred from surgeries as well as accidents.

Women who have reconstructive breast surgery and desire to have their areolas repigmented or reconstructed.

Many women loose their brows and eyelashes from chemotherapy treatments and choose to permanently simulate brow hair and eyelashes either before or after treatment. This has a huge physiological and emotional benefit for women.

Both Male and Female clients who have suffered burns can also benefit from paramedical procedures. The skin in most cases can be permanently colored with skin tones to blend with natural skin tones around the areas. A technique called ”dry needling” used to breakdown thick scars to appear more flat and smooth, giving some, more range of movement with the skin.

That's pretty much it, ask your doctor about it.

answered by Blank | 10-09-2009 at 11:27 PM

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