Cat Scan Cost?

I have to go do a CT or CAT scan this Thursday and I have to pay for it myself.... my insurance does not cover it because I have a 12 month pre-existing, which means, since I haven't had that insurance for 12 months, they will not cover me
How much does a cat scan cost with AND/OR without insurance..?

asked by Country in Men's Health | 6352 views | 09-22-2009 at 04:15 PM

The cost can vary enormously depending on a great many factors, such as what needs to be examined, whether or not radiopaque dye needs to be used and so on. Suggest you ask your doctor, or call your local hospital and talk to the nuclear medicine specialist.

It looks to be around $750 without insurance. Best way to find out is to call a clinic and ask what their prices are to be for sure.

Why do CAT scan cost vary so much? CAT scan cost vary based upon the type of CAT scan you're getting (abdominal versus brain for example) as well as where you have the procedure performed. Similar to the price of a new automobile. Everyone knows that the "sticker price" is just an asking price. There's a nice mark-up included in that price and often if you ask the dealer to come off that price they will. Medical procedures are often no different. Most hospitals and imaging centers have a "sticker price" which are often on the high end. If you ask and work with most facilities they will often offer a substantial discount to individuals and insurance carriers due to the form of payment and the volume of procedures they pay for on an annual basis. There's more on this below so keep reading.

answered by Money | 09-22-2009 at 04:16 PM

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