Utah Jazz: Jerry Sloan Resigns?

Utah Jazz head coach Jerry Sloan announced his resignation Thursday afternoon at a press conference held at the team's practice facility.

The news of Jerry Sloan’s resignation sent a tremor across Utah. Community leaders and season-ticket holders alike were saddened to lose their class act.

No explanation about why he resigns, was given in a news conference that is still underway.
Does anyone know what is the cause of Jerry Sloan's resignation?

asked by Moon in Football | 3521 views | 02-11-2011 at 03:07 AM

He didn't give a reason, when asked about it he just said "this was the time."

Jerry Sloan's decision to step down as head coach of the Jazz after 23 seasons in Utah caught most by surprise.

Phil Johnson, Sloan's longtime assistant, also resigned. Taking over as coach was former Jazz player and current assistant Tyrone Corbin.

Rick Carlisle summed up his respect for Jerry Sloan with one sentence: “Jerry is basketball royalty to us.”

answered by Dillon | 02-11-2011 at 03:10 AM

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