Colon Cleanse: Good or Bad?

I've read many negative things about colon cleansing, but I don't believe any of them. Is Colon Cleanse recommended if you're a healthy person? Is it dangerous? What's your opinion, is it good or bad?

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Proponents of colon cleansing believe that toxins from your gastrointestinal tract can cause a variety of health problems, such as arthritis, allergies and asthma. They say that colon cleansing — also called colonic irrigation — removes these toxins, thus promoting healthy intestinal bacteria, boosting your energy and enhancing your immune system.

While there is little scientific evidence to support or refute the benefits of colon cleansing, critics say it's generally unnecessary and at times may even be harmful. Although doctors prescribe colon cleansing as preparation for medical procedures such as colonoscopy, most don't recommend it for detoxification. Their reasoning is simple: The digestive system and bowel naturally eliminate waste material and bacteria — your body doesn't need enemas or special diets or pills to do this.

One concern with colon cleansing is that it can increase your risk of dehydration. A potentially more serious concern is that certain laxatives used in colon cleansing, such as those with sodium phosphate, can cause a rise in your electrolytes, which can be dangerous if you have kidney disease or heart disease.

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The Good Effects Of Colon Cleanse

Colon cleansing has been around since Egyptian times. Its golden age in the 19th century came with man’s awareness of proper sanitation and sewage disposal systems. Colon cleansing became an integral part of medication during the 1920’s. Every treatment includes a round of colon cleansing, which takes 45 minutes to an hour.
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These days colon cleansing is not regularly prescribed by medical doctors. For them the only effects of colon cleanse to treat chronic constipation and fecal impaction.

Due to today’s fast food diet, people do not get the amount of fiber our body needs which might lead to constipation and a feeling of sluggishness. If your diet is not balanced plaque and fecal matter can be encrusted in your intestinal walls, and this is where colon cleansing comes to the rescue. The effects of a colon cleanse is that it flushes out and removes these entire encrusted gunk from your colon.

According to some articles these two are the most prominent effects of colon cleanse: colon cleansing can also relieve you from diarrhea because it eliminates the toxins which have built up in your colon. The second is that colon cleansing is supposed to help prevent colon cancer.

The Bad Effects Of Colon Cleanse

Doctors and scientists argue that colon cleansing is practiced by holistic and alternative medicine. The effects of colon cleanse which alternative medicine praises have no scientific merit.

Unfortunately it has been observed from colonic surgery and autopsies that there is no hardening of fecal matter in our colon walls. What’s more colon cleansing supplements are not approved by the FDA and they can make any claims on the effects of colon cleanse which will work to their advantage.

About colon irrigation and hydrotherapy there is the danger of un sterilized equipment. Colon cleanse tubes might also draw holes on your colon walls. What’s more because your colons are being flushed with water, the bacteria being flushed are both good and bad. Beneficial bacteria and natural chemicals are needed to keep our excretions in balance, upsetting this balance can be toxic for our body.

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If colon cleansing has any effect, however, it likely has less to do with toxins than with its impact on the nervous system. What's the evidence? Reflexes in the bowel affect the entire nervous system. In fact, a wide range of symptoms caused by constipation can be relieved by enemas. If this is true of enemas, then perhaps colon cleansing has a similar effect.

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I tend to disagree that cleansing is a negative thing to do. While one can say that there isn't specific evidence that it is beneficial, they also cannot say that there is any evidence of any negative effects. I believe that our current diets do not afford us the necessary amount of fiber necessary to keep the digestive system as healthy as it could be. Not only this, but we are exposed to innumerable amounts of toxins and chemicals on a daily basis. While I do not think that cleanses are necessarily life changing events, I do believe that eating healthy while consuming extra fiber and a few natural supplements such as milk thistle and dandelion root can help rid our bodies of toxins. These are things we consume anyway, and are in no way unhealthy. I definitely think it's worth doing a whole body cleanse a couple times per year if there's a good chance that it is beneficial.

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I think it is the lack of absorption
From what I know about Colon cleansing, it is meant to help remove some bacteria that make it difficult to absorb some minerals and even water from the large intestine, which happens from eating to much processed food.

I am no expert but I have done than and felt better, but maybe it is in my mind...

answered by pauljay | 03-26-2010 at 05:34 AM

I agree with you pauljay. Maybe we need some colon cleansing but not regularly.

answered by rmorrison100 | 02-24-2011 at 06:08 AM

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