Is Hookah Bad For You?

Is it true that hookah smoke is better than cigarette smoke because it's filtered through water? Or is smoking a hookah bad for your health?

asked by Jordan in Men's Health | 6553 views | 07-23-2009 at 06:30 PM

Hookah tobacco and smoke contain numerous toxicants known to cause lung cancer, heart disease, and other diseases. Even after it has passed through water, the smoke produced by a hookah contains high levels of toxic compounds, including carbon monoxide, heavy metals, and cancer-causing chemicals.

answered by Johnny | 07-23-2009 at 06:32 PM

Yeah it is bad! I would keep away from it if I were you! I was addicted to it once and its terrible for your health cause you smoke it for much longer than cigarettes!
If you're going to smoke, no matter what the fashion, it's best to be aware of the consequences.
The reason hookah is so bad is because you hold it in your lungs for longer; that's why you get the buzz from it. Cigarettes also have a filter, whereas hookahs do not.

answered by Nany | 07-23-2009 at 06:36 PM

ok? hooka's have water as a filter....which is a way better filter than any cigarette. the water filters more, and also cools down the smoke so it doesn't damage your lungs as much.
Smoking hooka is bad for you, but not as bad as cigarettes. There are WAY less chemicals in hooka then in cigars and cigarettes.

answered by Cory | 08-26-2009 at 07:49 AM

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