The Evolution of Reddit

Reddit is a community website where users can post links to content on the web. It is one of the largest social news websites around.
If you haven’t visited the site yet, you should.
The website was launched in 2005. Here's how it evolved. (Thanks kn0thing for the screenshots!, and for Reddit.)

June 12 2005
Reddit plays with the homepage design. It must be ready soon, the project is about to go online.

June 23 2005
Reddit's ready. The screenshot shows the first submissions. "The Downing Street Memo" was the first ever Reddit submission.

July 1 2005
Reddit gets more content and plays with little bars. What do those mean?
The red section was the total score and the yellow showed "hotness".

Also there's a profile idea in the air. Not bad.

July 13 2005
Reddit gets rid of the bars and now there are numbers.
Will the numbers be a good idea?

Oh look, now I can search. The menu is looking good.

Reddit now
The design is so simple, it's almost perfect. Now there are other Reddits to choose from. And I can Reddit an ad. Interesting.

Some facts about the website:

The Downing Street Memo, the first link submitted to Reddit got a total of four comments back then. Now it has six.

There were no comments on Reddit for the first few months.

There is a reddiquette page. Did you know about it?

The creators of the website have Reddit accounts too, obviously. Their names are Steve Huffman (spez), Alexis Ohanian (kn0thing), Chris Slowe (KeyserSosa), and Jeremy Edberg (jedberg).

There is a Reddit store where you can buy cool stuff like these.

Reddit's first user was kn0thing, he made the first post.

There's a website called Spreddit, where you can find more interesting stuff about Reddit.

Some of the best Reddit doodles. See more here.

Reddit iniciates its world domination plans.

Finally, one of my favorite submissions.
It was linked to a website that had random cat pictures.

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very Interesting.

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