Deep Fry Turkey Time?

I have heard that deep fried turkey's are the best. I haven't ever tried on, but I'm considering making one this year.

Any advice about deep frying turkey for Thanksgiving?
We want to turn our NY friends on to deep fried turkey.

How much time does it take to be done?

asked by Calsie in Cooking & Recipes | 4775 views | 11-26-2009 at 08:39 PM

Cook for about 3 minutes per pound for a whole turkey, approximately 45 minutes for a 15 pound turkey, only 36 mintues for a 12 pounder!. (Individual turkey parts such as breast, wings or thighs require slightly longer cooking time, 4-5 minutes per pound.) Remove the turkey from the oil carefully, and immediately wrap it with aluminum foil. LET THE TURKEY REST FOR 30 MINUTES before carving. Carry-over cooking will finish cooking the turkey outside the oil, bringing it up to the proper temperature and allowing the juices to circulate back through the meat.

Carve and serve as usual.

answered by Morris | 11-26-2009 at 08:41 PM

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