Is Les Miserables An Opera, Musical & All Singing?

I want to watch Les Miserables but I don't like Operas, so I would like to know if it's a musical and if they are singing all the time. I don't have problems with the musicals but I can't watch operas. I heard great things about Les Miserables but if they are all the time singing maybe it's a little annoying. I love Anne Hathaway and she is one of the reasons why I want to watch this film. Do you know if Les Miserables is an opera or a musical where they are singing all the time?

asked by Kiera in Internet | 19694 views | 01-22-2013 at 03:41 PM

Les miserables is not an opera, but it's a musical and they are most of the time singing. It's a great film and I'm sure that if you like musicals, you will love this one. Les Miserables was the song that made Susan Boyle famous, so you will recognize it when you hear it. A lot of people think that this movie is an opera, but this is not true. Although they are singing all the time, Les Miserables is considered a musical.
You can watch it if you want, but you have to know that the real conversations are just a few and also you may feel that it's too long, because it last for 157 min.
I watched it and I think it's a great movie. At first I though it was an opera because they were singing all the time, but now I know for its characteristics that it's a musical.

answered by Myla | 01-22-2013 at 03:43 PM

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