Jennifer Lawrence Weight Loss Before And After?

I really like Jennifer Lawrence, I think she is a very good actress and now I saw she lost weight for The Hunger Games. Maybe before she was not so thin and also she had to practice a lot and after the movie she looked really nice. I don't know for sure what she did to have a new body but I can imagine that Jennifer Lawrence had to work a lot to change the before and after. I would love to know how celebrities do to lose weight, because they always have a beautiful body, like Jennifer Lawrence and I hope that the before and after is great so the weight loss was worth it.

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Jennifer Lawrence grew up wrangling wild horses on her family's farm and she used that toughness to work in "Winter's Bone" and in "X-Men: First Class". But Jennifer's biggest role was in "The Hunger Games". To be on it she had to work a lot and that's how now you can see the before and after of her weight loss. Jennifer Lawrence said that it's a lot of training if you want to lose weight, but also she commented that the training was really fun. Lawrence had to do archery for six weeks, rock climbing, tree climbing, combat, running and vaulting. Also she had to do yoga and things like that to have a really weight loss and to make a difference in the before and after.
Jennifer Lawrence said that she likes to be in shape but she doesn't diet, just exercise. I think that she had to work a lot, but you can see the weight loss and the difference in the before and after the movie, so it was worth it.

answered by Stella | 12-12-2012 at 01:28 PM

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