African Painted Dogs Child Accident in Pittsburgh Zoo?

I've been listening all morning about an accident that occurred in the Pittsburgh Zoo involving African Painted Dogs. A toddler was also mentioned in the incident. I live near the location and I've been hearing police and ambulance sirens so I'm concerned. Some rumors claim that the African Painted Dogs actually attacked the child, others say they ate the little kid. Does anyone know in detail what happened there and why is everybody in Pittsburgh so agitated? Are people on the zoo OK?

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Well there was a scary accident in the Pittsburgh zoo that involved African Painted Dogs and a child, specifically a toddler.
What happened is that a baby fell 14 ft into a pit full of African Painted Dogs, animals that happen to be very dangerous and they did what they do better. By the time the zookeepers and police officers could neutralize the African Painted Dogs with darts inside one of the cages of the Pittsburgh zoo, the baby was already gone and there was nothing that they could do to save him. It is not known yet if the toddler died because of the fall or of the attack. Apparently, the mother of the child stood the boy in a wooden railing to get him a better view, but she accidentally dropped the kid, who also flipped over a catch basin that is supposed to prevents falls. One of the dogs died and the rest were taken out of the zoo.

answered by James | 11-06-2012 at 10:37 PM

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