Josh Powell Missing Wife Susan Powell Pictures?

Where can I see pictures of Josh Powell's missing wife Susan Powell? How can everyone be so blind with this? I know we're all innocent until proved the opposite, but we should use the common sense. Susan Powell was getting a divorce and then she mysteriously disappeared when his husband Josh Powell went camping? Now we've got two little children dead because we want to believe we're civilized and we should have rights... I think in a case as obvious like this they should at least take the kids away from him and stop being so naive.
If you find any pictures of Josh Powell's wife Susan Powell, please post them.

asked by Charles in Law & Ethics | 5204 views | 02-06-2012 at 07:27 PM

Hey, bad stuff happen, it's no reason to destroy our society and the penal law. What Josh Powell did to Susan Powell was very wrong although there's no way to prove it.
Here's a picture of Susan Powell that was taken before she went missing.

Josh Powell Wife Susan Powell

Sadly, this system is the best we can have without destroying personal freedom. We may let things like this happen, but its better to free 10 guilty men than imprison an innocent one. It may seem tough now, when we're all sensitive with this awful crime, but we can't just judge people because public opinion condemns them, or we'd be bound to make horrible mistakes. I just hope God protects Susan Powell's children.

answered by Dina | 02-06-2012 at 07:35 PM

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