Cantaloupe Recall: Is the Listeria Outbreak Contagious?

Cantaloupes contaminated with listeria have triggered the deadliest outbreak of food-borne illness in 10 years.
I've been reading about the cantaloupe recall and I would like to know if the Listeria Outbreak that is affecting many states right now is contagious.
If it is, how does Listeria get transmitted from person to person. Is it trough the air or maybe the water?
I'm worried about my kids and I'm not eating cantaloupe until the outbreak and the recalls are over.

asked by Jeremiah in Diseases & Conditions | 5242 views | 09-28-2011 at 09:28 PM

Listeria is one of the most severe foodborne infections there is in nature. It is not contagious, you have to eat something that is contaminated in order for the bacteria to infect your body.
The outbreak of food-borne illness connected to listeria-tainted cantaloupes has now infected 72 people in the United States.
Right now the situation is serious, many recalls have been made and the number of people diagnosed with listeriosis continues to grow.
This is the second recall involving listeria and cantaloupes this month. Luckily it is not contagious so if you don't eat any of the affected products, you'll be OK.
The Listeria contamination outbreak issue now extends into Canada is a report from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency that claims traces of the bacteria have been found in their territory.

answered by Grace | 09-28-2011 at 09:29 PM

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