Jonah Hill Skinny: Weight Loss Pictures?

Jonah Hill is so skinny right now in 2011. How did he manage to achieve such an impressive weight loss?
I was wondering if there are before and after pictures of Jonah Hill's weight loss.
If he followed a diet, I want to know what it is, he looks so thin now.
My friends say that Jonah Hill looks weird now in pictures since he is so skinny but in my opinion he looks great. Anyone who loses weight looks shinier. I wonder if he followed a weight loss diet or he did it for a movie.

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Jonah Hill has been working hard to lose weight. Heís easily dropped 100 lbs. if not much more.
I posted before and after pictures below.
In an interview, Jonah Hill said he followed a diet but he didn't specified which one, he just he lost all that weight because he wanted to be healthier.
He said that, since he lost all the weight, people on Twitter and Facebook are saying he isnít as funny anymore.
But his weight has nothing to do with his personality, he is really funny fat or skinny, it doesn't matter.

Jonah Hill Weight Loss before after

Jonah Hill Skinny Weight Loss

answered by Guest | 09-22-2011 at 02:07 PM

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