What is Diwali Day All About?

What is Diwali day all about and why is it celebrated? Diwali is also referred to as the Festival of Lights.

I know Diwali is a festival in India. My friend is spending time in India during Diwali and he told me people is celebrating over there. I know that it is like a giant party with a lot of Fireworks, but why is actually being celebrated?

Anyone know about the origin, traditions, and other important facts about the Diwali festival?

Is Diwali celebrated in countries other than India also?

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Diwali is one of the most significant and most celebrated Hindu Festivals in India.

Diwali or Dīpāvali is a significant 5-day festival in Hinduism, Sikhism, and Jainism occurring between mid October and mid November. It is also popularly known as the Festival of Lights. Diwali is an official holiday in India, Guyana, Trinidad & Tobago, Malaysia, Nepal, Singapore.

Homes are decorated, sweets are distributed by everyone and thousands of lamps lit to create a world of fantasy. Of all the festivals celebrated in India, Diwali is by far the most glamorous and important. Enthusiastically enjoyed by people of every religion, its magical and radiant touch creates an atmosphere of joy and festivity. Diwali celebrations in India are similar to Christmas celebrations in the USA.

The very name of this festival reveals its meaning. The festival is all about the lighting diyas. The term 'Deepawali' became 'Diwali'. Deepawali or Diwali is also known as 'the festival of lights', because on this day, people illuminate their home and premises with diyas and colorful lights. The legends connected to the festival are different for different religions.

Also on this day, Maa Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, and prosperity is worshipped and it is holy because on this day she comes and brings wealth to the family, it is a auspicous festival and will bring happiness to your life.

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