Guy Fawkes Day 2010?

Today November 5 is Guy Fawkes Day 2010.

Remember, remember the 5th of November
Gunpowder treason and plot.
I see no reason that gunpowder treason
Ever should be forgot.

Not sure if the day is celebrated in the United States, but it is celebrated in London and New Zealand.
I know a bonfire is tradition of Guy Fawkes' day. But are there any other traditional Guy Fawkes day activities?

asked by Harmony in Holidays | 2381 views | 11-05-2010 at 05:39 AM

Guy Fawkes day is held on 5th November and is commemorated with fireworks and bonfires and is normally the busiest time of the year for the Fire Brigade.
It marks the failure of the Gunpowder Plot of 5 November 1605, in which a number of Catholic conspirators, including Guy Fawkes, attempted to destroy the Houses of Parliament in London.

The nation was ruled by Protestant King James I. Catholics plotted to blow up both Houses of Parliament when the king was present to restore a Catholic monarchy. An anonymous letter warned about this, so the conspirators were arrested and hanged. November 5 is Guy Fawkes Day in Great Britain.

answered by Freedom | 11-05-2010 at 05:40 AM

Guy Fawkes Day has always been the most confusing holiday. It's a celebration of the worst traitor in the history of England -- a homegrown terrorist who plotted to kill the Protestant king of England by setting the parliament building ablaze in the infamous Gunpowder Plot.

But at first I thought people celebrated in support of Guy Fawkes, since they call it "Guy Fawkes day." To make it more clear, the fifth of November should be called "Guy Fawkes failed day."

answered by Tron | 11-05-2010 at 05:09 PM

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