Race To The Top Winners 2010?

The Race to the Top competition is a $4.35 billion federal grant program aimed at school reforms.
Today is the announcement of ten round-two winners.
The Race to the Top program has been a game changer in education, with states embarking on ambitious reforms that lifted caps on charter schools and created new teacher evaluations in hopes of boosting their chance of receiving funds.
Who are the winner states of Race To The Top 2010?

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U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan announced today that ten states were winners in the second round of the program. Those applicants claimed awards ranging from $75 million to $700 million.

The winners announced by the Education Department Tuesday are: Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Maryland, New York, North Carolina, Ohio and Rhode Island ó and the District of Columbia for the grants. Education Secretary Arne Duncan said 25,000 schools will get money to raise student learning and close the achievement gap.
Only two states - Delaware and Tennessee - won money in the first round.

These states show what is possible when adults come together to do the right thing for children. Every state that applied showed a tremendous amount of leadership and a bold commitment to education reform. The creativity and innovation in each of these applications is breathtaking. We set a high bar and these states met the challenge.

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