Bond of Silence Real Life Story?

Bond of Silence is a movie about Katy McIntosh, a woman who is suddenly widowed one New Year's Eve when her attorney husband is killed while dealing with a teen party that has gotten out of hand.
I would like to know if the Lifetime movie Bond of Silence is a true story or if its fake.
If Bond of Silence is in fact a real life story, who is it based on?

What is the name of the real life Katy McIntosh?

asked by Mark in Movies | 15143 views | 08-24-2010 at 06:50 AM

'Bond of Silence' is a Lifetime movies that is based on a true story.

Because this story is based on real life events, the plot is extremely disturbing. The name of the real person played by Kim Raver is Katy Hutchison, but her movie alter ego is Katy McIntosh.

The movie is wonderful. The plot centers on a husband who tries to calm down a noisy New Year's Eve party thrown by teens and ends up dead. Some of the teens know what happened, but they ain't talking.

The main actress Kim said, “I had never done a real-life story, the way Katy handled this tragedy, I found interesting. We all deal with certain things in our lives. I don’t know many people who are able to kind of go through something like that and then forgive.”

Bond of Silence is one of Lifetime's best original movies. It is believable because it is based on a true story, and also because Kim Raver's casting is so fortuitous. She is a good actress and this role is perfectly suited for her talents.

answered by Silver | 08-24-2010 at 06:52 AM

Here's a photo of the real woman that inspired Bond of Silence. The picture shows Bob and Katy McIntosh on their wedding day.

Katy McIntosh

I really enjoyed this movie.

answered by Mildred | 08-24-2010 at 03:35 PM

Actually, her real life name is in fact Katy McIntosh, however after her husband (Bob McIntosh) was brutally killed on New Years Eve after trying to calm down a party across the street from his house, Katy McIntosh remarried. About 8 months after her husbands death, she met and married an attorney, Michael Hutchison, whom was working on her murdered husbands case. Since then, she has teamed up with her sons murderer, Ryan Aldrige and together they travel and do motivational speaking about the dangers of the effects of alcohol and drug violence all over the United States and Canada. Also, she has written a book, Walking After Midnight, and Lifetime has made a movie about it, Bond of Silence. For more information, you can check out her personal website at

answered by Guest | 09-02-2011 at 03:35 PM

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