White Baby Born To Black Couple Pictures?

How did Ben and Angela Ihegboro, the black Nigerian couple living in London, give birth to a white baby? I saw the pictures on TV and the baby looks nothing like her parents.
The birth of Nmachi, whose name means Ďbeauty of Godí in her parentís native Igbo language, has startled doctors as much as her parents.

Genetic experts are now studying the white baby to determine why she has such European features but her father Ben said it doesn't quite matter how the baby came about.
Still does anyone have a scientific explanation for the black couple's white baby?
Where can I see pictures of the baby?

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The black couple who lives in London, say there shocked when the mother gave birth to the white baby, the father even reportedly joked, "is she mine?"

Benjamin and Angela Ihegboro's daughter Nmachi, who was born at Queen Mary Hospital in Sidcup, appears to have defied the rules of genetics. Doctors insist she is not albino and neither of her parents knows of white ancestry in their families.

Here's a picture of the white baby.

White Baby Black Couple

The white baby girl has two older siblings who are both black.
Itís believed that this one in a million occurrence happened as a result of Kylie and Remiís genetic coding during conception.

Experts say Nmachi may also have a unique genetic mutation that doctors have not seen before.

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