Little Girls At World Of Dance: Single Ladies Scandal?

A scandal concerning a video of little girls dancing in a provocative, adult dance routine at the World Of Dance competition 2010 is causing an Internet stir.

The little girls are 8 and are decked out in short skirts, midriff-baring tops and black stockings -- clothing that many consider inappropriate for their age.
They perform the song Single Ladies by Beyonce.

I did not watch the Single Ladies video yet. Do you think this is OK?
The little girl don't care about all this, since they're innocent and they just enjoy dancing.
Do you believe the organizers at World Of Dance should be warned about a performance like this?

asked by Dana in Law & Ethics | 7283 views | 05-14-2010 at 03:06 PM

This is the video of the little girls performing Single Lady at the World Of Dance.

The dance troupe, called Precision Dance, hails from Orange County, and definitely "put a ring on it" during the competition in Pomona on April 10.

There are a lot of dance moves that display the girls' talent and skill level and there are a lot of people who recognize that they are talented dancers. The debate over the dance stems from the rest of the dancing. Some of the dance moves mimic the moves in the original video but others are much more promiscuous. Comments on the YouTube video range from calling them "inappropriate" for girls of this age all the way to "slutty".

Larry Peters, executive vice president of The Hozman Group and rep for the dance competition, says the controversy was blown out of proportion.

The girls' parents defended their daughters' performance at the World of Dance, billed as the largest U.S. urban dance competition, saying their daughters' moves and outfits were appropriate for competition.

"This is taken completely out of context," Cory Miller, father of one of the girls, told "Good Morning America" today. "The girls weren't meant to be viewed by millions of people."

The World of Dance Tour is the largest national urban and street dance competition, and in 2010 is taking place in nine major markets throughout the U.S. Top dance troupes partake in competition, which focuses on the art of street dancing and today's new age choreography -- embracing urban dance and youth lifestyle.

answered by Selena | 05-14-2010 at 03:13 PM

8 Year Old Girls Gone Wild
This is not a little over the top. Itís off the charts. Itís something that needs to be addressed by the event organizers and the dance instructors who are teaching eight year old girls how to use se xual moves and lingerie to arouse a crowd. In what way is it a good idea to dress eight year old girls in lingerie to strut on a stage to an applauding crowd? Thatís not cute. It really, truly wrong. This is not a controversy. Itís an outrage ó a legitimate outpouring of anger at the adults who are using little girls as strippers. All for what? A trophy? Fifteen minutes of fame? $500? It doesnít make any sense. More on this at my blog

answered by Andy | 05-14-2010 at 08:55 PM

One of the mothers said, "People have made comments about how the music video is inappropriate...Our girls haven't seen the Beyonce music video. What they have seen is the Chipettes do it in the Alvin and the Chipmunks movie."

I believe these little girls are doing nothing wrong and their parents are right to support them.
In their minds, these girls only think about dancing and having fun.
People with sick minds on the other hand think other stuff and criticize them.

answered by Johnathan | 05-15-2010 at 03:51 AM

The little girls are no doubt talented, dancing in unison as they flip their bodies to and fro to the beat of the music. They've got the moves down pat, and by the end of their performance, the audience erupts in applause.

But this is not tasteful, they should be wearing something else.

answered by Hannah | 05-15-2010 at 05:34 PM

you people are insane. these are some of THE most talented little girls i have ever seen. the people that are complaining probably introduce their kids to way worse material. WAKE UP AND SMELL THE ROSES. this is 2010. don't criticize other parents. worry about yourselves! leave these little girls alone!

answered by Guest | 05-16-2010 at 06:21 PM

These Girls Were Amazing!
Everyone seems to view anything urban/new age out of context. It's 2010. It's not your Grandmothers backyard anymore. Mind you there outfits had more fabric on it than the swimsuits 8 year old girls wear these days.

Everyone needs to understand that it was an urban/street competition. they performed urban and street moves and were not only damn near flawless, but they made the ballet studio sit down.

answered by Guest | 05-19-2010 at 09:23 AM

The costumes of these little girls are ironically far more provocative than the outfits worn by Beyonce, etc. in the single ladies video. Why could they not have won a leotard like the adults in the Single Ladies video did?
The person who chose the costumes for the children is out of their mind. Any parent who let their child parade around in this attire is also out of touch with reality and out of their mind. It is over se xualization of children.

answered by Guest | 05-20-2010 at 07:39 PM

These Little girls are cute, and very talented! Give them a break!

answered by guest | 06-01-2011 at 03:57 PM

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