World's Biggest Beaver Dam Picture?

Recently, what seems to be the largest beaver dam in the world has been discovered within the southern edge of Wood Buffalo National Park in Northern Alberta, Canada. The said biggest beaver dam can also be seen through Google Earthís images and can be seen in a picture from outer space.

While beaver dams are regularly found to be around 1,500ft in strip, this one has stunned biologists because of its strip.

Is there a picture of the World's biggest beaver dam? I tried google maps but I couldn't find the picture, can anyone post it?

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Perhaps the most amazing thing about the world's biggest beaver dam is that nobody knew it existed, until a scientist spotted it on a satellite image taken from space.
I pasted the picture below.

The enormous dam is, perhaps, a reminder that there are still wild places on Earth, places where the natural world still rules.

The researcher credited with making the discovery, Jean Thie, said he found the dam using satellite imagery and the Google Earth application.

Satellite Picture of the world's biggest beaver dam.

World's Biggest Beaver Dam

The dams are an important part of the ecology and wider environment and climate change can be judged by the smear of the dams.

Dams are made with mud and stones by beavers as a protection against predators like wolves, bears and coyotes. Beavers use driftwood, green willows, birch and poplars; and they mix in mud and stones that contribute to the damís strength and build them according to the strength of the waterís flow.

Prior to the discovery of the Canadian dam, the longest beaver dam biologists have found was about 1,500 feet long, so the length of the Canadian dam has beaver-folk in shock.
Biologists say it's likely several different beaver families worked together to build the dam over several months.

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