Minneapolis Public Schools Threat & LockDown: Code Yellow?

The Minneapolis School District has locked down all of its schools after police informed officials of vague threats posted on the Web.

District spokeswoman Emily Lowther says the threats were posted on two social networking sites. The threats didn't specify a school, so they were all put on alert.

All public schools in Minneapolis are on "lockdown" because someone called a city information line today and said there would be a shooting at one of the city's schools.

The lockdown, which affected around 50 schools in the Minneapolis public school district, meant children were told to remain in their classrooms while access to outside visitors was strictly limited.

What I don't understand is why would they close all schools in Minneapolis for just an online threat. Is it that easy to cause panic by just posting a hate message on facebook or twitter? What does code yellow mean?

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The Minneapolis School District has locked down all of its buildings for the day after police said a threat to shoot up a Minneapolis school was posted on the Web.

Minneapolis Police Sgt. Jesse Garcia says officers learned early Wednesday that someone had threatened to open fire in a school then shoot themselves.

Threats also prompted a partial lockdown at Cretin-Derham High School in St. Paul, and Minneapolis police believe they likely came from the same source.

Minneapolis schools were officially put into "code yellow," meaning classes would continue as normal, but security would be heightened.

The threats did not target a particular school, so district administrators ordered all buildings locked and identification checked on anyone leaving or entering. District officials don't know how the threats came to the attention of the police.

Parents were notified of the lockdown via an automatic calling system. Additional notices will be sent as information becomes available and parents will be told when the potential threat is resolved.

A little after 1 p.m., Minneapolis Public Schools sent a recorded message to parents that said, in part, "There is no reason to believe there is an immediate threat." Still, individual schools would remain in lockdown mode until the end of their school days and students go home.

A similar recorded telephone message from MPS sent out this morning said that all schools were locked down and all access to buildings was restricted. Classroom activities were to continue as normal, and students did not need to be picked up.

Police continue to investigate whether the shooting threats were "valid" and are trying to find the person who sent them, said Sgt. Jesse Garcia, Minneapolis police spokesman.

The code yellow mode means the schools are being careful.

The Minneapolis Star Tribune daily said the district had some 34,000 students, and specified that police had notified the district of the threat.

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