Layla Grace Cancer Death: Poor Layla Grace Died Of Cancer?

Lyla Grace, whose battle with cancer has been followed by thousands via social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, and a blog, passed away early this morning.

Layla Grace, the beautiful 2-year old who captured the attention of the social media-sphere, lost her battle with a rare form of cancer today. Mom bloggers and celebrities rallied to raise support and awareness for the little girl and her family.

What type of cancer did Layla Grace have? I'm reading everywhere about Layla Grace and her rare form of cancer but I would like to know what cancer that is.

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Layla Grace had stage-four neuroblastoma — a cancer that occurs predominantly in children under the age of two.

News of Layla Grace’s passing came via Twitter this AM:

@LaylaGrace: Layla went to play with the angels early this morning. Rest in peace precious Layla. 11/26/2007 – 3/9/2010

Many have followed her story closely as her parents took to Twitter to spread the word and raise awareness about this disease. They also updated a blog on their website

There are about 650 new cases of Neuroblastoma each year in the United States and 50% of those occur in children under the age of two.

Prayers go out to her family.

Within hours of her passing, Layla Grace's name shot up to the top of Google Trends, #RIPLaylagrace became a trending topic on Twitter, and the wall on her Facebook fan page was flooded with prayers.

Her parents, Ryan and Shanna Marsh, fought valiantly to save their tiny daughter.

With nearly 650 new cases each year in the United States, Neuroblastoma is one of the most common cancers in infancy; 50% of all Neuroblastoma cases occur in children under the age of two.

Layla Grace cancer

Coping with the death of any loved one is heartbreaking. Coping with the death of a small cherished child must be a thousand times worse.

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