Grace Groner: Woman Donates Secret Millions?

Grace Groner surprised everyone by leaving a lot of money to her alma mater, Lake Forest College.

Grace Groner lived frugally in a one-bedroom house. According to the Chicago Tribune, she rarely made large purchases, and her house was decorated plainly with some furniture and an antique television.

When she passed away at the age of 100, her alma mater, Lake Forest College, was astounded to find that Groner had left them a huge donation.
The donation was in millions and was supposed to be secret. How much did Grace Groner donate?

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After graduating from Lake Forest College in 1931, in the throes of the Depression, Grace Groner found a job as a secretary for Abbott Laboratories, where she would work for the next 43 years. In 1935, she invested in three shares of the companyís stock, each then worth $60.

That decision would made Ms. Groner a millionaire seven times over. But her riches didnít change the course of her life. She never altered her lifestyle to reflect her growing bank account. Almost no one knew of her wealth.

When she died in January of 2010 at age 100, the money she had accumulated (approx $7 MILLION dollars!!!!!) went to her college to start up a foundation to allow students to study abroad.

Her shares accumulated value to the tune of $7 million dollars. After her passing in January 2010, at 100 years old, that money was donated to her college as a foundation to allow students to study abroad. Her cottage is now called Grace's Cottage that takes in scholarship students.

Lake Forest left a huge imprint on Grace's heart, enough for her to give them back all she had in return.

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