Can't Remember The Name of a Book?

I read this book series a few years ago but can't remember what it's called and it was one of my favorite books so if you know what it is could you please let me know , thanks.

Okay this is how the story went, it's based in a world that is around the stone age but has dragons so it must be a fantasy genre it starts out with a family of 5 father, mother, older sister, middle son (that like to invent), and younger son now they like everyone else roams around in their own family group until one night they are attacked and the father & mother are killed I believe and the sister is taken and the middle brother is rescued by a dragon (that can take the form of a human but retains his weight and density.) the first of three books tells how the dragon take him to his cave up in a cliff and teaches him and he learns how to smelt metals out of rock, until one day he and the dragon go out and save some people and bring them back to live around the lake at the base of the cliff and start a town, the second book deals with the middle son's older sister and how they get reacquainted with one another and the fact that his sister now leads a band of ruffians, the third is with the youngest son (the one they thought died the night of the attack in the first book) and an evil sickly dragon and how the two oldest siblings work together to defend against the evil dragon and rescue there brother.

again thanks for your help to anybody that knows the title and will let me know.

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I searched for your the book which name you can't remember.
I found this result in Amazon:

The name of the book is Dragon Wishes.

The Description is: "Alex and Isa's world has been turned upside down by their parents deaths. They've had to leave their homes in Oklahoma to live with their Uncle Norbert and Aunt Ling in San Francisco. They're both having trouble adjusting. Five-year-old Isa has stopped talking, and artistic eleven-year-old Alex can't seem to draw anything but dead trees. Alex doesn't seem to fit into her new life, and she doesn't want to. The only thing she seems to connect with is the bedtime story Aunt Ling tells each night. All Alex dreams of is going back home to Oklahoma. Will she finally realize her dream, or will she finally accept her new life?"

Is this your book?

answered by One | 02-08-2010 at 03:43 AM

thanks but no that does not sound like that series the series was based in a fantasy world and had no relation with this one.

thanks again for trying

answered by Guest | 02-09-2010 at 03:29 PM

I'm sorry. I don't know

answered by Harry_and_Moon | 06-24-2010 at 01:49 PM

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