Super Bowl Food Ideas: What Recipe for The Super Bowl?

I am not a football fan, my husband is but I somehow got roped into hosting some friends on this Super Bowl Sunday. My husband asked me to come up with something I could make for the superbowl party.
I need some ideas, don't know what recipe to prepare. Maybe I'll add some snacks.
I'm looking for more creative suggestions and ideas.
Does anyone have any ideas or recipes that they want to share?

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A Super Bowl party is the ultimate sports celebration.

Along with various other snacks, we have fondues on Super Bowl Sunday. Usually a couple of different cheese fondues and a chocolate one. So, so good and easy, too.

Good, hearty fare is perfect for the game. Chili is always popular, and a make-your-own-sandwich spread would go nicely alone or with a hot main dish or stew. Crockpot "barbecued" beef or pulled pork sandwiches are always a hit, or you might consider po' boys and gumbo or barbecued beans and easy ham sandwich melts.

Chicken wings have become a real favorite of sports enthusiasts, perfect finger food for the Superbowl.

A nice recipe I like:

Super Bowl Never-Benched Burger


* 2 Lbs of ground beef

* 4 egg yolks, well beaten

* 4 Tsp yellow onion, grated

* Dash of Worcestershire sauce

* 2 Tsp butter

* Salt and fresh pepper to taste

* 2 tbs grated Swiss or sharp cheddar cheese


* In a large bowl, combine beef, egg yolks, onion, salt and fresh pepper. Mix well.

* Form into two round patties making a small center indentation.

* Place a touch of butter inside and cover with meat.

* You can substitute Swiss, Blue or Cheddar cheese for butter. Grill patties.

answered by Vanessa | 02-04-2010 at 07:54 PM

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