Kiteboarder Shark Attack?

Today a kiteboarder was involved in a shark attack. After the sharks attacked him, a lifeguard saw him and helped him.
He was still alive and told the lifeguard who that he had been attacked by sharks. He was taken to the neares hospital but they couldn't save him and the kiteboarder is now dead.
What was the name of the kiteboarder and why did the sharks attack him?

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The name of the kiteboarder is Stephen Schafer, he was found with bite wounds about 500 yards off Stuart Beach on Florida's Atlantic coast.
It was Martin County's first fatal shark attack, according to records going back to 1882.
The death of the kiteboarder has brought a lot of attention to oceanographers.

The Los Angeles Times notes that young great white sharks are suspected behind the Florida shark attack, though authorities caution that it's too early to say for sure.
This shark attack is rare because great white sharks prefer colder northern Atlantic Ocean waters and aren't usually thought of as Florida sharks. But smaller 6- to 8-foot ones migrate to Florida's east coast during winter.

answered by Victor | 02-04-2010 at 07:15 PM

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