San Diego Traffic Accidents?

I'm planning to take a road trip with my friend from Los Angeles to san diego this weekend. Then spend some time in San Diego on thursday and leave san diego for Los Angeles at 6 pm on a monday, since it's like 3 hours to la and we dont want to get back too late. I want to know how traffic is going to be. Will it be too much traffic leaving sd about 6 pm on a thursday to go to la taking 5 north?
Are traffic accident a regular thing in San Diego?

asked by Gemma in Car Makes | 3057 views | 10-20-2009 at 05:39 PM

Some info about San Diego traffic accidents:

The latest annual statistics on traffic accidents in San Diego County show that 261 people died on our roads and highways - 99 of those deaths were related to alcohol.

In the same period, reports indicate that 16,311 people were injured in San Diego traffic accidents - 2,021 of those injuries involved alcohol.

Pedestrian fatalities numbered 64 while 2,021 pedestrians were injured - according to the latest annual statistics for San Diego traffic accidents.

In the same period, 7 bicyclists were killed - 829 were injured.

The latest annual statistics on motorcycle accidents in San Diego County report 36 fatalities and 957 injuries.

answered by Junior | 10-20-2009 at 05:40 PM

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