Dead Black Birds and Fish Kill in Arkansas?

On December 31, 100 miles away in Beebe Arkansas, thousands of birds - some 3000 grackles, black birds and starlings - simply dropped dead out of the sky.

The birds were the second mass wildlife death in Arkansas in recent days. Last week, about 83,000 dead drum fish washed up along a 20-mile stretch of the Arkansas River, about 100 miles west of Beebe.

Arkansas authorities claim the dead black bird and the fish kill appears to be a natural occurrence and both incidents doesn't seem to be tied in any way.

How come such weird natural events are happening just when we start the new year? Could the bird deaths and the fish kills be a sing of something that may happen in 2011?

asked by Julianna in Places of the World | 3352 views | 01-04-2011 at 10:56 PM

I think both events were caused by something natural. The fact that it happened on New Year's Eve might indicate it has something to do with fireworks.

Scientists still cannot explain the dead birds or the fish kill, but the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission believes the fish may have had a disease and the birds had some sort of trauma.

Beebe is a congregating spot for blackbirds, and one witness said he saw the birds roosting earlier in the day and heard them again at night just after the fireworks started.

There is a precedent for lightning-related bird deaths in Arkansas. According to the Associated Press, lightning killed ducks at Hot Springs in 2001 and hail knocked birds from the sky at Stuttgart in 1973 on the day before hunting season.

answered by Delilah | 01-04-2011 at 10:57 PM

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