Uncle Phil Death: Is James Avery Dead?

A rumor claims James Avery is dead. He played uncle Phil on the show Fresh Prince of Bel Air.
Some say the death of James Avery is real and that he died of a heart attack this morning. But is he really dead?

I went to TMZ and I didn't see anything about this and they are the always breaking news about celebrity deaths..

Is James Avery really dead? Can anyone confirm that uncle Phil died?

asked by Ernest in Celebrity | 3308 views | 06-06-2010 at 10:56 PM

Apparently there has been a rumor on twitter today that James Avery died. The only problem with this speculation is that the actor is still alive.

A representative for everybody's favorite TV uncle says James Avery is doing great and will assume the voice role of "Silverbolt" in the upcoming blockbuster Transformers 3.

The rumor, would appear to be a case of mistaken identity, a Scottish football player know as Phil ‘Uncle Phil’ O’Donnell died in 2007, and for some reason that news seems to have been the basis of these rumors.

Fans of Uncle Phil don’t have to worry, the actor is still alive and kicking, and currently is 61-years-old. Long gone are the days of the Fresh Prince with actor Will Smith who has managed to have a successful career in Hollywood.

James Avery was born on the 27th of November 1948 in Atlantic City, NJ. After his high school education he joined the US Naval Fleet. He aided the US Navy in Vietnam. When he left the Navy he went to San Diego and started to work as a script writer for television. He also worked on poetry. His production won him the Emmy Award and a university scholarship. Therefore he went to California University and in 1976 he graduated in Literature and Theatre.

answered by Joe | 06-06-2010 at 11:00 PM

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