Lynn Tilton Bio?

Lynn Tilton is an interesting girl. Does she have a bio?
At 23, Tilton became a single parent, and for the next several years she "worked 100 hours a week on Wall Street" to support herself and her daughter.
Tilton worked at top Wall Street companies including Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynch before becoming an expert on distressed loans.
Where can I read her full biography?

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Lynn Tilton Bio:

Ms. Tilton serves as Chief Executive Officer and sole Principal of Patriarch Partners, LLC and its affiliated entities (“Patriarch”). Ms. Tilton’s career spans 27 years and encompasses private equity, distressed asset management, financial engineering, loan sales and trading, investment banking and senior management. In addition to her role at Patriarch, Ms. Tilton currently serves as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of MD Helicopters, Inc., a leading manufacturer of commercial and military aircraft. Ms. Tilton founded Patriarch Partners to develop innovative financial solutions and to manage and monetize the distressed portfolios of financial institutions. The platform later evolved toward fund investments focused primarily upon the acquisition of companies undergoing pervasive change and loan origination to those same companies. Under Ms. Tilton’s leadership, Patriarch has positioned itself as a proactive partner to companies during periods of operational, industrial and economic transformation. Patriarch provides liquidity, time and strategic support, frequently saving US companies and US jobs. Patriarch inspires management teams to rebuild, using creative structural solutions and add-on investments in order to enhance companies’ long-term values.


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