George Steinbrenner Net Worth?

George Steinbrenner's fortune has earned him a spot on Forbes magazine's list of the nation's 400 richest people. So he must have a lot of money, but how much exactly.
What is George Steinbrenner net worth? Is he seriously rich or just a little?

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George Steinbrenner's net worth is more than $3 billion.
"The Boss" graduated in 1952. Became an assistant football coach at Northwestern and Purdue universities. Joined father's Cleveland firm Kinsman Marine Transit in 1957. Bought out dad 1963; company later became American Ship Building. Invested in Broadway plays, then baseball. Bought Yankees from CBS for $10 million in 1973; franchise now worth $1.2 billion. The most meddlesome owner in sports handed day-to-day operations to sons Hank and Hal this year. Footing most of the bill for new $1 billion Yankee Stadium. Best asset: YES Network. Regional cable channel broadcasts the Bronx Bombers to New York City and beyond.

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I just found out about his death.

George Steinbrenner was always a rich man.
His estimated net worth was $1.15 billion dolars in the year of 2009 according to the Forbes 400 List issued in September 2009.

Steinbrenner debuted on the list of the richest Americans in 2007, tying for last place at #380 with 20 others with a net worth of $1.3 billion, the entry level that pre-recession year. His net worth dipped to $1.15 billion last fall, though a faltering economy meant he actually rose up the ranks of the Forbes 400 to #341. The bulk of Steinbrenner's wealth came from his YES Network, a regional cable outfit broadcasting the Bronx Bombers all over the northeast.

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