Shroud of Turin Fake or Real: New Evidence?

Many years ago it had been said that scientists found that the Shroud of Turin was real by carrying out an experiment involving carbon-14 to get some evidence on its age and to determine whether it was fake or real. However, science is always coming up with new evidence to know if the Shroud of Turin is fake or real and there's something on the news. It seems although science finds that the Shroud of Turin is fake, there will always be arguments trying to refute that. Do you think that despite this new evidence the Shroud is real?

asked by Jaxson in Religion | 4593 views | 12-22-2011 at 02:41 AM

The new evidence suggests that the Shroud of Turin is fake, as scientists determined that UV directional radiation can color a linen cloth. Maybe this new evidence is not the last word and the Shroud of Turin is real, who knows? Whether it's fake or real, being able to create something by using UV radiation doesn't mean that it's the only way it can be done. The discussion remains open and science is never the definitive truth. Therefore, the new evidence on the Shroud of Turin being fake or real could be refuted again and again.

answered by Skylar | 12-22-2011 at 02:55 AM

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