Jay Cutler Thumb Broken Injury?

Is Jay Cutler's thumb broken? Because a friend of mine said he had a terrible injury, he broke his right thumb and will more than likely miss the next few weeks, if not the rest of the year.
I mean, Jay Cutler can't play with a broken thumb in his throwing hand so I was wondering when are we going to see him again.
Has the team or Jay Cutler himself made any statements about his broken finger?
Is Jay Cutler going to play again this season? How long is he going to be sidelined by that injury?

asked by Felix in Other - Sports | 3431 views | 11-22-2011 at 04:32 AM

The Chicago Bears have confirmed that Jay Cutler has broken the thumb in his throwing hand, and that he was injured in the fourth quarter of Sunday’s victory over San Diego.
Jay Cutler broke his right thumb while trying to tackle Antoine Cason during an interception in the fourth quarter by the Chargers' defensive back.
The Chicago Bears quarterback will have surgery to repair his broken right thumb. He's being treated by the best doctors for these kind of injuries.
Smith said the team, as expected, will go with backup Caleb Hanie as Jay Cutler's replacement for the foreseeable future.

answered by Tyson | 11-22-2011 at 04:34 AM

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