Oklahoma Earthquake: November 2011 Pictures?

There was a strong earthquake in Oklahoma yesterday, November 5, 2011.
In addition to buckling highways and rattling homes, the earthquakes have pretty much scared the pants off Oklahoma residents.
Are there pictures of the damage caused by the Oklahoma earthquake? Has anyone been injured?
The U.S. Geological Survey says the magnitude 5.6 quake hit around 10:50 Saturday night and was centered near Sparks in Lincoln County.
The earthquakes, powerful by Midwestern standards, shook towns about an hourís drive northeast of Oklahoma City.
Please post pictures of the aftermath.

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Although homes and other buildings cracked and suffered minor damage, there were no reports of severe injuries or major devastation.
I don't think you'll be able to see the earthquake in pictures because there was nothing majorly broken.
The Oklahoma Department of Emergency Management said there were no reported injuries or deaths, but minor structural damage was widespread
Central Oklahoma continued to experience dozens of aftershocks, nearly 24 hours since the state's strongest earthquake since 1952.
After initially rating the quake at 5.2, the US Geological Survey upgraded the strength of it. It is the biggest in a series of more than 20 quakes and aftershocks to hit a zone more accustomed to tornadoes.

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