Fires in Central Austin Texas?

The wildfires that have raged across Central Texas including Austin since Sunday have prompted thousands of residents to evacuate their homes.
Wildfires raging across central Texas killed two people on Tuesday, and let's hope there are no more fatalities caused by the blazes.
More than 180 fires have erupted across Lone Star State, and nearly 600 of the homes destroyed since then were lost in one blaze in and around Bastrop, near Austin.
What is the current death toll caused by the fires in Central Austin Texas?

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The worst wildfire in Texas history has now claimed the lives of at least four people.
366 firefighters from several agencies have joined the fight that has claimed 476 homes and displaced at least 5,000 people.
With ongoing fires across Austin Texas and other regions, the governor urged all individuals who have been evacuated to register with the American Red Cross’ Safe and Well program.
Volunteers from different Austin-based shelters took their personal vehicles to Bastrop to help the residents.

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