Free Walmart Coupons For Electronics?

I want to print off free Walmart coupons for electronics from the internet, but only if walmart accepts them.

Does Walmart accept printed coupons available online or do they have a policy against it? I've heard many thing about Walmart rejecting coupons you find on the web.

Do they have coupons for Walmart and if they do can someone please give me some links to them?

I am going to buy a music player in the store so it has to be printable so I can take it to the store. Anything will help like $10 off.

asked by Paige in Personal Finance | 4175 views | 12-30-2010 at 06:34 AM

While Walmart doesn't normally make coupons, they do take coupons but only if they are good for an item they sell, that they can get the money back from the coupon.

Generally speaking, national brand items that can easily be purchased anywhere that have online printable coupons are the best candidates for acceptability at Walmart or any other store.

I clip coupons from the general Sunday inserts and use them at WalMart. As long as they're not another specific store's coupons, WalMart will accept them.

Also, has a lot of free Walmart coupons you can print.

Always ask about the coupons at your local Walmart, just to be sure.

answered by Marcus | 12-30-2010 at 06:35 AM

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