Amazon Black Friday 2010 Deals?

Black Friday signals the start of the Christmas shopping period in the US and it is reported that Amazon has started to offer it Black Friday 2010 deals earlier.

According to a friend of mine, Amazon will be offering over 60 per cent off some video game consoles like Wii, Xbox and Playstation 3 on Black Friday, and over 50 per cent off Sony Blu-ray players.
Is it true? What about the Kindle e-book reader?
Where can I find more information about these Amazon Black Friday deals?

When are the deals starting? Amazon always offers stuff with great prices before Black Friday, but when exactly?

asked by Ryan in Personal Finance | 4532 views | 11-22-2010 at 12:22 AM

Amazon has already posted some of their lightning deals that will be available in Movies & TV. They are showing prices as low as $1.99 for regular DVDís and $5 for Blu-ray DVDís.

As part of their Black Friday celebration, Amazon is spotlighting arguably the best Blu-ray box set released in 2010.
From now through November 27, Fox's Alien Anthology on Blu-ray is on sale for $70.49. That is $30 less than the $100 it typically sells for.

The Alien Anthology Blu-ray boxed set has garnered high praise for its stunning remasters of the first two films in the Alien series and for its comprehensive extras, from deleted scenes to commentary tracks to behind the scenes footage, interviews and more.

Another great deal from Amazon, they are going to offer 60% off the Nintendo Wii and Flip Mino HD camcorder. Although it's not confirmed yet, it will also offer a 60% off the Xbox console. Whether that will be the basic Xbox 360, or the offer will only be available on more expensive bundles, I have no idea.

answered by Benjamin | 11-22-2010 at 12:23 AM

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