On Sunday, Sarah Palin wrote in her Twitter account the word REFUDIATE.
When everyone said she made a mistake and that the word is really REPUDIATE because refudiate has no meaning, instead of recognizing her mistake, she started to defend her word (REFUDIATE) comparing herself with Shakespeare. She thinks she can give meaning to new words because she is Sarah Palin.

This is exactly what she said on twitter:

"Ground Zero Mosque supporters: doesn't it stab you in the heart, as it does ours throughout the heartland? Peaceful Muslims, pls refudiate."

Then Palid wrote:

"Refudiate," "misunderestimate," "wee-wee'd up." English is a living language. Shakespeare liked to coin new words too. Got to celebrate it!

What is wrong with her? What do you guys think?

asked by Time in Politics | 10680 views | 07-19-2010 at 05:13 PM

I think Sarah Palin should go back to school. There is no meaning for the word refudiate.
It’s not the first time Ms. Palin has come under attack for her creative interpretation of the English language.

James Wood, writing in the New Yorker magazine in October 2008 during the U.S. election, took issue with Ms. Palin’s use of the word “verbage.”

Former U.S. president George Bush mistakenly and famously used the term 'misunderestimate', and Barack Obama coined 'wee-weed up' almost a year ago in referring to stirring up a situation.

Here's a video of Sarah Palin using the word REFUDIATE on TV.

You know what Shakespeare said?
Women speak two languages - one of which is verbal. - William Shakespeare

answered by Trenton | 07-19-2010 at 05:26 PM

Refudiate is a made up word with no meaning at all.
Perhaps Sarah Palin meant “refute?” Or maybe she was going for “repudiate?”

It scares me that Sarah Palin is still around. I did hope she'd vanish after the election.. but we are still plagued by her ridiculousness.
She thinks she is smart, that's the worst part.

answered by Aqua | 07-20-2010 at 10:39 PM

I can't believe people are actually taking Sarah Palin seriously. For President in 2012, seriously?!

answered by cptmike | 11-16-2010 at 01:14 AM

In response to this idiot bellow me
You the idiot,...instead of making a stupid judgmental accusation, maybe YOU should be going to school, maybe grammar. Exactly who the hell are you to even come close to question her education, knowledge of language, or even inventing ONE. Obviously much smarter individuals decided to put a new WORD in the DICTIONARY for 2010, and you drooling soul, or should I say POOR SOUL for attention, YOU NOW NEED TO HIDE SOMEWHERE, but don't choose ALASKA, and tack your short tail behind and between your short knowledge legs and rear end.

answered by Guest | 11-16-2010 at 07:32 PM

Stylistic Contrast In Linguistic Debate
The comment of the guest directly below this writer's has perfectly illustrated the standard to which Ms. Palin's "innovative" mastery of the English language deserves to be held. Said poster obviously takes their prosaic and political matters very, very seriously. So much so that in their understandable state of emotional pique (what with all the egregious abuse of the Shakespearean genius that is Sarah Palin), they were still able to limit their total number of grammatical errors to an average of just over one per line of text. "Heckuva job!"

Indeed, extra points should be added for the tone of the post, in my opinion. Such proto-literate screed as is contained in "Guest's" comment would seem awkward (unbalanced, even...) without it evinced the distressingly overt aggression which normally attends this order of utterance.

The center cannot hold against its continual self-degradation. If the bicameral system is destined to an oblivion, it will be one which can only exist in an "idiocracy".

answered by Guest | 11-18-2010 at 01:37 AM

Doubtless most of those mocking SP are guilty of saying "A criteria".

answered by Guest | 12-06-2010 at 12:21 PM

You all are too funny
Sarah Palin is nothing more than a glorified moron! I like how you try to defend her, but have nothing to base it on. She is the one that needs to go hide in Alaska. She needs to stop embarrassing herself, this country and women in general.

answered by Guest | 12-20-2010 at 01:18 AM

Did anyone else notice that "Palin" is spelled wrong in the 9th line down? I can't remember a time when her name changed to "Palid." Who ever wrote this is a regular Shakespeare too.

answered by Guest | 01-02-2011 at 07:43 AM

Don't send her here!!!!
First off let me start by saying I am Canadian and I can see just how screwed up Sarah Palin is.

Second please do us a favor and get her the hell out of Canada, (she's so stupid that when she crossed the border into Canada MY IQ dropped.)

Third everyone is allowed to make mistakes but do yourself a favor and ADMIT to them (I can't begin to tell you how many additional problems started because someone didn't admit to their mistakes).

Fourth Sarah Palin is so corrupt it is not funny (she is already accused of using campaign funds for paying her personal bills rent etc etc and yes I know her house doubled as her campaign headquarters but that does not mean other people should be paying your rent AND you chose to use your house as your campaign headquarters, also since others helped to pay your mortgage that should mean they own part of your house as well) so to vote another person like her into office would just be putting another thief in charge of the government.

answered by Canadian Guy | 01-02-2011 at 05:09 PM

The degree of hatred for Sarah Palin is laughable. Back up your accusations with facts. If you cannot, then your vitriol is simply opinion with no factual basis.

No one seems to remember that while campaigning, Barack Obama said he had been to 57 of the 58 United States.

In May 2008: he claimed that Kansas tornadoes killed a whopping 10,000 people: “In case you missed it, this week, there was a tragedy in Kansas. Ten thousand people died — an entire town destroyed.” The actual death toll: 12.

March 2008: on the anniversary of the Bloody Sunday march in Selma, Alabama, he claimed his parents united as a direct result of the civil rights movement:

“There was something stirring across the country because of what happened in Selma, Alabama, because some folks are willing to march across a bridge. So they got together and Barack Obama Jr. was born.”

Obama was born in 1961. The Selma march took place in 1965.

I could go on, but you get the idea...anyone can misspeak, and Obama has NEVER retracted any of his errors.

It strikes me that people are not listening to Gov Palin's message, they simply do not like the mode of delivery. Her Alaskan dialect and vernacular and earthiness are foreign to the high-minded occupants of the erudite corners of our society.

answered by Doxie Mommie | 01-10-2011 at 03:34 AM

Sarah Palin is always coming out with ridiculous words and expression while trying to look educated.
She is just a sad person.

answered by Joe Dupa | 07-18-2011 at 06:04 AM

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