Michael Phelps Car Accident?

What really happened to Michael Phelps? Was he on a car accident? Is he alright?

asked by Guest in Watersports | 4033 views | 08-14-2009 at 08:11 PM

Yes, Michael Phelps was on a car accident, but he is fine now.

From AP:

Baltimore city police on Friday blamed a vehicle crash involving US swim star Michael Phelps on an unidentified woman driving the other car who ran through a red light at an intersection.

Phelps, who won an unprecedented eight gold medals at last year's Beijing Olympics, was unharmed when his sports utility vehicle was struck by a car late Thursday. Two passengers in the vehicle driven by Phelps were also unharmed.

The woman driving the other car was hospitalized after complaining of arm and neck pain. Her car suffered damage on the driver's side while the Phelps vehicle suffered damage on the hood.

answered by Hannah | 08-14-2009 at 08:13 PM

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