Liberty Of London Target Clothing Collection?

Legendary British shop Liberty of London has issued a reminder for all adoring Liberty of London shopaholics and fans.
Their pop-up store well have a grand opening where Naomi Watts will grace the heavily English-decorated store.
I'm interested in some of the dresses.
When will the latest Liberty of London collection go on sale at Target? I can't wait.
What else can you tell me about the Liberty Of London Target Clothing Collection?

asked by Denisse in Fashion & Accessories | 5777 views | 03-14-2010 at 03:48 PM

The latest Liberty of London collection will go on sale at from approximately 3am 4am EST today [03.14.2010].
Check out the website for the official launch to be on the safe side.
The Liberty of London collection sold out so quick.
Liberty of London has partnered with Target on an exclusive limited-edition collection of home and fashion items.

Liberty of London, a luxury fashion and accessory line, is an offshoot of the iconic British department store Liberty & Co.

Liberty of London for Target pop-up were closed a day earlier and everybody was thinking that something has gone wrong with the official launch of the collections but it dawned later that there was no reason for keeping it open as it was all empty at Target within two days and according to some reports around 11000 shoppers cleaned all the racks within two days at Target.

The British company's line will be available for a limited time at select Target locations and on The prettily-patterned line is Target's first collection to span such a wide variety of categories from home and garden to fashion for women, men and children.

A venerable brand, Liberty & Co. was founded in 1875 in England. The company is best known for its micro-floral prints, which are practically woven into English heritage. Unbelievably, Liberty of London has an archive of over 43,000 print designs (!), 25 of which they have handed over to Target for the partnership.

answered by Lindsay | 03-14-2010 at 03:54 PM

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