Delhi Iowa Dam Breaks Pictures?

The Lake Delhi dam, about 45 miles north of Cedar Rapids, failed as a result of record flooding - a very unusually high amount this season.

David Fink, Lake Delhi dam operation manager, called the breach “a catastrophic release of water.”

Some media outlets are reporting the water reached the eaves of several homes and businesses in the immediate vicinity. Others report rushing water flooding over railings and onto roads and fields. Where can I see pictures?
What a disaster.
What are the current conditions of the flooding caused by the broken dam in Iowa?

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The roads on either side of the dam -- which were part of the cement dam's containment measures -- apparently gave out as a result of the rainfall. Video showed massive amounts of water violently gushing from the pool behind the dam into the Maquoketa River below. Nearby homes and buildings were under water up to their eaves.

At least half a dozen homes were swept away in the flood, according to a Delhi firefighter, Dennis Wilson. “There’s so much turbulence that it washes the soil away from under it, and the houses go with it,” he said. “We’ve never seen anything this wild.”

Some pictures of the flooding caused by the broken dam:

Delhi Iowa Dam

Delhi Iowa Dam Flooding

Iowa Governor Chet Culver said Saturday night the immediate danger near Lake Delhi had passed.
Culver praised the quick action of emergency personnel in response to the dam break which sent water downstream from the Maquoketa River into the streets of Hopkinton and Monticello.

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The floodwaters in eastern Iowa have dropped now but they have left sticky residue all over the place. Officials estimate that 8,000 people were affected by the rise of the Maquoketa River.

Waters that went through the breached dam snapped up trees, boats and docks on Saturday, shredding them in seconds and spitting them down river.

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