Duke Powerpoint Thesis Scandal?

Karen Owen is a Duke University student who wrote a Powerpoint thesis subtitled "Excelling in the Realm of Horizontal Academics." The Powerpoint thesis is actually a list of the physical attributes and "bed prowess" of 13 male students Karen Owen claims to have hooked up with.

The Powerpoint thesis was supposed to be a joke but she emailed it to her friends and soon everybody had a copy.

Karen Owen apologized for the scandal that she caused. But is she really sorry for sharing intimate details and exposing the names of men with whom she got in bed?

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Jezebel interviewed Karen Owen, who is seemingly mortified that her Powerpoint list is now the topic of national attention, yet she did point out that frat guys have been doing this for years.

In the Powerpoint thesis, each man is called a “subject” and her encounters with them “data collection.” She also divulges locations in which the intimate behavior took place, such as the university library and vehicles -- many times in a highly inebriated state.

Karen Owen said that she never meant for the thesis to go viral, Owen originally only emailed the “F--- List,” as it is being called, to three close girlfriends, but that one of them emailed it another and it went viral. It went out to multiple listservs, including fraternity listservs,

Most websites that ran with the list have since been contacted by Duke and interested parties, and the names of Karen Owen's subjects have been redacted from the Power Point document.

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