USC Bomb Scare?

A bomb scare at USC? On April 28, 2010 the University of Southern California received a call around 12:30 p.m. inferring a suspicious package was placed on campus and it was insinuated to be a bomb. As a result of the threat of explosives, parts of the campus were immediately shut down.

But then they said the bomb threat scare was nothing. What was in the package?
Who made the call that started the bomb scare at USC?

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The bomb scare was nothing.
Parts of the University of Southern California campus were temporarily shut down, and students were ordered to stay in their classrooms after police received a bomb threat and also found a suspicious package in the Leavey Library building, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Law enforcement sources told The Times that the university received a call from someone claiming he had planted a bomb inside a campus building. However, the sources said they believe the caller was intoxicated and don't think he actually planted a bomb.

At the end, the USC bomb threat came from the psychiatric ward at County-USC hospital according to the LA Times, and the bomb threat was not the first time the caller had phoned in a threat.

This caller has made a few phone calls earlier in the day, but the one where he said there was a 'nuclear weapon' at the USC campus got the attention of the police.

The Los Angeles Police Department closed off streets near the school and was setting up a police staging area at the Shrine Auditorium.

Students told KTLA that they were told via text message to avoid the area surrounding the library, which is in LA's University Park.

After investigating the situation the police reported the calls were a hoax according to the LA Times report. The situation turned out to be a scenario where the caller making the threats of suspicious packages originated from the County-USC Hospital in the psychiatric unit according to police sources. Later on the patient had been taken into custody, according to a report.

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